How to write a KILLER resume


How to Write a Killer Resume


PLAN- Before you begin writing your resume, look at a few samples of solid resumes.  You can find many examples online, such as on website here: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/best-resume-examples-a-z-list-2063587.


STARTING POINT- Start with the position.  What is stated as most important in the job description.  What experience is absolutely necessary?  Make sure that your resume highlights those items.  How many beds does this hiring facility have, and how does your experience match that?  If you’ve worked on the computer system and/or equipment they are using, make sure you make that front and center.  That’s what the hiring manager will be looking for ultimately.


PRECISION-  Your resume is your first impression.  Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting MATTER.  Pay close attention to these things.  Use spelling and grammar checks.  Have a couple friends edit and proof your resume.  Have your recruiter critique it as well!


ORDER-  Hiring managers are most concerned with experience.  They typically have an ASAP start on a position that requires someone to know their stuff.  After your name, title, licenses and certifications should be your experience.  List your experience in reverse chronology, meaning your most recent experience at top and work back.  Ancillary items such as education and accomplishments are safe to put at the bottom of the CV.


OPTIMIZE-  Optimize for the job you applying for. The ATS will assess and rank you on how well you match the job description. The computer will not be sensitive to synonyms or similar skills that aren’t stated in a way it understands.  It is a robot after all.  The criteria it uses to match candidates are given in the job description. Make sure you mirror job description language in your resume.  If the hospitals job description says “57-bed inpatient care unit providing specialized care to neuro-surgical patients,” the mirror that exact language in your resume.

For example:

  • 3 years experience as a neuro-surgical ICU RN in a 16-bed inpatient care unit
  • 1 year experience as a travel med-surg RN in a Level II Trauma unit providing specialized care to neuro patients


  • BIG AND BOLD- Whatever the job description requires, make sure to highlight that in the summary.  Make it very easy for the hiring manager to make a decision and decide you are the person to hire.


  • CONSISTENCY- Make sure your formatting is consistent.  Your dates of employment are in same format and consistent.  The human eye loves consistency on resumes, and hates irregularity.  Make sure there aren’t any blemishes.


In summation, think about the person reviewing it.  What are they ultimately going to be looking for?  What are they going to want to see?  Imagine they will have 20 resumes laid out in front of them and they only review each resume for 20 seconds!  Why you??  Pay attention to these guidelines, and you’ll land more interviews.  Now, onto interviewing coaching……


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