Your Ultimate Guide to Score Discounts & Freebies During Nurses Week 2024


Kim Lee | May 3rd, 2024

Nurses Week is almost upon us, and you know what that means? Time to celebrate YOU! All week long, from May 6th to May 12th, the world showers appreciation on the superheroes in scrubs who keep us healthy and cared for. But wait, there’s more! Nurses Week isn’t just about warm fuzzies (though you deserve those too!), it’s also about snagging some sweet deals and freebies. 

Whether you’re a rockstar bedside nurse, a compassionate hospice caregiver, or an adventurous travel RN, there are perks out there waiting to be claimed. So, grab your coffee (or tea, or that energy drink that gets you through those long shifts), and let’s dive into the ultimate guide to Nurses Week discounts and freebies! 

Why Nurses Week Matters 

Before we dive into the goodies, let’s take a moment to understand why Nurses Week is so significant. Nurses Week, celebrated annually from May 6th to May 12th, honors the contributions of nurses to healthcare. It’s a time to acknowledge the dedication, compassion, and hard work that nurses pour into their profession. This year, Nurses Week 2024 promises to be even more special, with various organizations and businesses joining hands to make it memorable. \

A special shout-out to our incredible travel nurses! If you’re a wanderlust-driven individual who happens to be a nurse, this week is all about you. Travel nurses, or Travel RNs, are the unsung heroes who provide healthcare services across different locations. So, without further ado, let’s explore the discounts and freebies waiting to make your Nurses Week 2024 extra special. 

First things first: Verification is key! 

  • Many of these awesome offers require verifying your nurse status. Here are some handy tools: 
  • ID.me: This platform lets you create a secure digital ID that verifies your employment across various sectors, including nursing. 

Your employer’s ID badge or paystub: Sometimes, old-school methods work too! 

Retail Therapy on a Budget? We Got You Covered! 

  • Fashion and Scrubs: Look sharp and save with discounts from your favorite scrubs brands like Figs (15% off), Jaanu (20% off), and Dickies Medical (20% off). Treat yourself to some comfy off-duty clothes with deals from Lululemon (15% off), Madewell (15% off), and Levi’s (15% off). 
  • Tech and Electronics: Upgrade your tech game with discounts from Apple (Education pricing for nurses), Lenovo (extra 5% off), and Microsoft (special offers for healthcare professionals). Snag some entertainment essentials with deals from Amazon Music (free 3-month trial) and Audible (free 3-month trial). 
  • Self-Care and Wellness: Because you deserve it! Pamper yourself with discounts from Bath & Body Works (10% off), Kiehl’s (15% off), and Tula Skincare (20% off). Fuel your body with healthy bites from KIND Snacks (15% off) or Thrive Market (free membership). 

Foodie Fun and Free Drinks (Hydration is Important!) 

  • National chains: Many national chains offer Nurses Week deals, so keep an eye out for freebies or discounts at places like Chipotle (free burrito with purchase), Firehouse Subs (free medium sub), Outback Steakhouse (10% off), and Texas de Brazil (15% off). 
  • Local gems: Don’t forget your local restaurants and cafes! Many offer special Nurses Week deals, so check their social media or ask when you visit. 
  • Coffee fix: Stay energized with free or discounted coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts (free medium hot or iced coffee), Starbucks (free tall brewed coffee), and Krispy Kreme (free doughnut). 

Travel Nurses, Your Passport to Savings Awaits! 
Being a travel nurse comes with unique challenges, but Nurses Week doesn’t forget you! Here are some travel-friendly deals: 

  • Lodging: Get cozy (and save!) with discounts from Marriott (up to 15% off), Hilton (special rates for healthcare professionals), and Choice Hotels (15% off). 
  • Airlines: Soar to your next assignment with discounts from American Airlines (special healthcare professional fares) and United Airlines (Healthcare Hero Discount)
  • Travel essentials: Pack smart with deals from Eagle Creek (25% off) for luggage and Away (10% off) for sleek suitcases. 

Beyond the Deals: Freebies and Experiences 

  • Museums and Zoos: Explore your city (or a new one!) with free or discounted admission to museums and zoos, like the Smithsonian Institution (free admission) and the National Aquarium (discounted tickets). 
  • Fitness and Activities: Get moving with free or discounted gym memberships, yoga classes, or dance lessons. Check with your local community centers or studios for special offers. 
  • Spa treatments: Some spas offer free or discounted treatments for nurses during Nurses Week. Treat yourself to a massage or facial and melt away the stress! 

MORE Nurse Discounts!: Your Ticket to Savings 

  • Nike:
    Active nurses can enjoy a cool 10% discount on their Nike purchases. Just verify your status, and you’re good to go! 
    Link: Nike Nurse Discount 
  • Apple: 
    Planning to upgrade your gadgets? Apple is offering exclusive discounts for nurses during Nurses Week. 
    Link: Apple Nurse Discount 
  • Starbucks: 
    Because every nurse deserves a coffee break! Starbucks is offering a free tall brewed coffee for healthcare workers. 
    Link: Starbucks Nurse Freebie 
  • Scrubs & Beyond: 
    Spruce up your work wardrobe! Enjoy a 20% discount on scrubs and medical uniforms during Nurses Week. 
    Link: Scrubs & Beyond Discount 
  • Amazon: 
    Calling all online shoppers! Amazon is offering a special discount on select healthcare products for Nurses Week. 
    Link: Amazon Nurse Deals 
  • Adidas: 
    Stay stylish and comfortable on and off duty. Adidas is offering a 30% discount for nurses. 
    Link: Adidas Nurse Discount 
  • Marriott Hotels: 
    Travel nurses, this one’s for you! Marriott is offering exclusive discounts on hotel stays. 
    Link: Marriott Nurse Discounts 

Nurse Freebies: Because Who Doesn’t Love Free Stuff? 

  • Cinnabon: 
    Treat your sweet tooth! Cinnabon is offering free Cinnabon treats for healthcare professionals. 
    Link: Cinnabon Nurse Freebie 
  • Chick-fil-A: 
    Enjoy a free Chick-fil-A sandwich or nuggets by showing your healthcare ID during Nurses Week. 
    Link: Chick-fil-A Nurse Freebie 
  • Dunkin’: 
    Dunkin’ Donuts is offering a free medium iced or hot coffee to nurses during Nurses Week. 
    Link: Dunkin’ Nurse Free Coffee 
  • National Park Service: 
    Calling all nature lovers! The National Park Service is offering free admission to nurses during Nurses Week. 
    Link: National Park Service Free Admission 

Making the Most of Nurses Week 2024 

Now that you know where to snag those incredible discounts and freebies, it’s time to plan your Nurses Week 2024 celebration. Whether you’re treating yourself to a new pair of sneakers, enjoying a free coffee, or planning a discounted hotel stay for your next travel nursing assignment, the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of these perks and let the celebrations begin! 


Nurses Week 2024 is not just about celebrating a profession; it’s about recognizing the superheroes who wear scrubs and save lives. From discounts on your favorite brands to free treats that brighten your day, these offerings are a small token of appreciation for the tremendous work you do. So, go ahead, indulge in the savings, relish the freebies, and let Nurses Week 2024 be a week to remember! 


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