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For most travel nurses, life tends to revolve around 13-week blocks, which is the typical length of a travel nurse’s contract. While this nomadic lifestyle may not appeal to everyone, these 13-week assignments have plenty of benefits, especially if you’re adventurous and love experiencing something new. So, exactly what are the benefits and how can you make the most of your assignment? Here’s what you need to know.

Every assignment is an adventure.

Although you can occasionally take back-to-back assignments, most travel nurses move on when their 13 weeks are up. From there, it is on to a new place and healthcare facility to explore, new patients with different diagnosis, and new colleagues to meet. When you consider that it is possible to walk into an entirely different situation every time you start a new assignment, it’s easy to see why travel nursing is an adventure all its own.

You know it will soon be over.

Not all travel assignments are great. The location may not be all that interesting to explore. Your new colleagues may even be grumpy. In some cases, you may not be impressed with the facility. Thankfully, as a travel nurse you are never more than 13 weeks away from saying “Bye, Felicia”, knowing that you’ll never have to come back. The grumpy people in the boring town are stuck there.  Unless they decide to become travel nurses too but then again, they aren’t cool like you.

Holidays are up to you.

Almost every nurse understands just how much this line of work can affect your holiday schedule. After all, hospitals are open 24/7 and people get sick every day of the year. Somebody must work the holidays. As a travel nurse, it doesn’t have to be you. Instead of filling out requests to be off and then hoping that your wish is granted, you can simply not pick up an assignment during that time. There’s no easier way to ensure that you have time to travel, visit family and friends, and enjoy holiday parties.

You’ll never get bored.

Without a doubt, one of the best aspects of being a travel nurse is having the chance to explore and make the most of your assignment. Spend the first few days getting settled and devising a routine. Then locate all the essential places you’ll need to visit while there, such as the grocery store, gym, and best takeout restaurants. Once you feel comfortable with your location and job, it is time to start exploring.

Regardless of where you are, there is sure to be something fun and unique to do. If you’re comfortable with your new colleagues, ask them for suggestions and make plans to see them outside of work. Go on a walking tour of the city. Don’t forget to take your days off and visit nearby touristy spots that are just a short drive away. Ask locals you become familiar with through trips to the grocery store or gym for ideas.

If you still aren’t sure what to see or do, Google “Top 10 things to do near me”. Be sure to have an open mind and try new activities or events. You never know when you might find a new hobby or passion. Whatever you decide to do, have fun. You may never travel to this area again, so you’ll want to take advantage of everything you there is to see and experience.

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